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Use our Google Workspace add-on to ideate, create, summarize, and more!

Creative thinking

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Lightning fast

10x your writing abilities through our rich set of features and capabilities

Bootstrap ideas and content

Our AI converts your incomplete thoughts into rich text

AI built-in

Built using modern NLP technologies

Adaptive Prose

Provide prompts to create content that fits your needs


We ensure grammar, spellings, and factual accuracy

Interact and iterate

Accelerate cycle time through iterations

Simplify trial and error

Easily generate multiple versions to arrive at the best fit

Build on ideas

Dive deeper into ideas by feeding it back into our AI

Distill content to core concepts

Use summarization and question/answer capabilities to get to core concepts faster

Integrated workflows

Integrated into Google Workspace so you can use it right where you need it as part of your flow

Content creator


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How do I get started?

The fastest way to get started is to sign up for our free trial. Please click on the button above.

How do I use it?

The unblank app is a easy to use Google Workspace add-on. We will be listing soon on the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Who is this for?

We have found it to be useful for anyone who generates content as part of their work, be it content marketing professionals, technical writers, paralegals, and more.

Is it safe to use?

Our app is a Google Workspace add-on that securely authenticates and access your data.

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